Here are some references from clients. More references are available upon request.

"I have known Marcia for a wonderful 17 years and counting. She has become so much more to our Family than our spectacular pet sitter. We have formed a solid friendship. She knows our Remmy and Tulah just as well as we do. I can't express how good that feels as a pet parent! Marcia has not only given exceptional care to our dogs over the years, her vast knowledge and years of experience has also helped guide us in the right direction on many occasions with any questions or concerns we have had from day one, she is always willing to offer advice and help as best as she can. As a pet parent, it is never easy leaving your fur babies, I have never once been worried, stressed or struggled leaving any of our dogs with Marcia. She is always accommodating and provides the same routine and care as if they were in their home. Remmy and Tulah love their Marcia and her entire family. They walk into her house tails wagging, excited to see everybody and totally forget we are even in the room. Again, that speaks volumes for us pet parents, warms your heart and gives you 100 percent peace of mind. While we are away, I always get truthful, sometimes comical updates, again, so thankful for this little gesture, and always, always pictures of my little pookie butts having the time of their lives. So long story short, she is the best! I cherish our 17 years of knowing one another. We love our Marcia, our dogs absolutely adore her and really I don't know what I would ever do without her!"

-- Cori

"You could not ask for a more wonderful, trusting walker and caretaker than Marcia's pet sitting. My dog has anxiety issues and Marcia is the only one that I have trusted to care for my dog for the past 11 years. I moved out of Rhode Island a few years ago but still drive over an hour one way to bring my dog to Marcia when I travel. Not only does she have extensive experience with training and behavioral issues, but she is loving and compassionate and truly treats every animal as though they were her own."

-- Stephanie

"Marcia does more than take care of our pets when we go away. Knowing she cares alleviates the stress of separation from our babies. Kudos to the best pet sitter on the planet!"

-- Ben and Robin

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